Catch and release culture and practices in the Yukon (2019)

A multi-faceted, complex issue, constrained by cultural, sociological, scientific and regulatory factors.

A research project by Dennis Zimmerman.

Project format: in person graphic recording, capturing notes on a while paper roll on the wall.

Southern Lakes community-based salmon planning (2020)

A  sociological, cultural, and scientific conversation between three Yukon First Nations regarding management of a precious resource, the Yukon River Chinook Salmon.

A project led by Dennis Zimmermann.

Project format: outdoor, in-person graphic recording. Large paper sheets setup on easel as no large walls were available.

Live Resume - A visual summary of life achievements (2020)

Project format: remote/live graphic recording over the phone. Scripting and sketching done on 11x17 sheets. Phone captures of individual panels were taken during the 2 hours session so that the client could have a visual follow up of the conversation. After the meeting ended, each sheet was scanned, formatted and emailed to the client.

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