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Illustrating Land Uses for the Dawson Region (2022)

The Dawson region is composed of 21 subregions, characterized by cultural, natural and industrial features. The main map represents the full region illustrated by a few selected values. Each subregion was also illustrated by a a more detailed landscape picture featuring wildlife, industruial or recreational uses, landforms, or heritage values. 


Illustrating Surface and Linear Disturbance Thresholds for the Dawson Region (2021)

A series of maps illustrating surface and linear disturbance thresholds on a generic Land Management Unit (LMU) based on actual surface disturbance and cumulative land use data in the Dawson region. The objective is to achieve a simple visual representation of what the various percentages of surface disturbance actually look like. Surface disturbance in the Dawson region is mainly related to mining (placer and quartz). Linear disturbance is represented by roads, and traplines. A series of spot illustrations also represent the values present in the region, such as wildlife, recreational activities, and economic activities. 

The basemap of the generic LMU was created with traditional media (ink and watercolor). Surface and linear disturbance information were added digitally.


Note: This product is for illustrative purposes only. It is an artistic rendering intended to communicate the concept of Surface Disturbance and Linear Disturbance Thresholds as a Cumulative Effects indicator. Although based on real data and maps from the Dawson Region, it is not a GIS product and contains inevitable visual exaggerations and approximations.

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