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Illustration by Yukon Graphic Recording

Most of my illustration work is visual communication destined to public outreach and education.


I create original illustrations in various formats and for various physical or digital supports: infographics and visual summaries, posters, foldout brochures, comics. The format of the illustration is dictated by the needs of the project, the audience, and by the media that will be used to share the illustration (printed report or poster, website, social media post).


I believe illustration should be beautiful, practical and informative. I work with a combination of analog techniques (inks and watercolors) and digital drawing. Analog drawing and painting techniques bring a unique visual texture and character to illustrations. Such techniques are less forgiving than digital drawing, and require extreme concentration and control to achieve best results. Most projects are refined digitally, in order to insert text and refine layouts.

Examples of illustration projects

How much does illustration cost?

The cost of creating an original illustration depends on many factors: style, size, complexity, research and creation time, materials, as well as how the illustration will be used. My preference is to propose an all-inclusive production fee, which includes background research and preparatory sketches, analog and digital materials and softwares, creation of the final illustrations and graphic design, and revisions (up to three rounds).


Fees corresponding to usage and reproduction rights are calculated separately from the production cost and vary depending on how, where and when the illustration will be used.


All fees are estimated based on various industry resources for graphic artists, including: "CARFAC-RAAV minimum recommended fee schedule", "the Graphic Artists Guild Handbook, 16th Edition: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines".


How much time does it take?

Most of the projects featured on my website required 10 to 30 hours of work. However, we must take into account the time necessary for the client and team to review the work and provide feedback at different stages of the workflow. Each step could take up to 2 to 3 weeks. A simple project can be completed within 3 weeks, while a more complex project involving multiple partners may require several months.


Workflow for an illustration project

1.      Initial discussion to define the scope and content of the illustration

2.      Design of concept sketches and review

3.      Design of advanced sketches and review

4.      Design of final sketches

5.      Inserting text and designing the layout if applicable

6.      Revisions (maximum three rounds)

7.      Delivery of the final illustration


Copyright and usage

In a typical work agreement, clients will be granted non-exclusive, permanent, worldwide rights to use the illustration for non-commercial purposes. In practice, this means you will be able to share the illustration in a wide range of contexts: social media, websites, presentations, newsletters, etc. On my end, I will have the ability to use the illustration for self-promotional purpose, on my website or social media platforms.



Yukon Graphic Recording should be credited appropriately wherever the illustration is featured. The work agreement will specify how to write down the credits.

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