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Whitehorse region geological interpretive panels


The Yukon Geological Survey contracted Yukon Graphic Recording to create a series of illustrations depicting those geologic time periods that capture the formation of the rocks in the Whitehorse area and the timing of the Whitehorse Copper Belt mineralization. These illustrations are an attempt to visually capture what the Whitehorse region may have looked like in the Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous and Miocene. Their primary use is for public outreach. Because of the limited fossil record, the presence of some species is inferred based on data collected in other parts of North America at from the same time period. Furthermore, some species may be represented on a the same image, when their actual life spans may have been separated by a few million years. We still feel these images are a unique way to project our imagination to a past time and space we will never be able to visit in person.

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