Yukon Graphic Recording uses tools such as live graphic recording and illustration to map ideas and concepts, to visually synthetize complex processes, and to communicate these ideas to an audience. 

Yukon Graphic Recording is run by Esther Bordet, a mixed media artist whose practice is inspired by a lifelong passion for remote and wild places, and by her professional geologist career.


Esther's illustration practice combines strong analytical and synthesis skills acquired through years of scientific spatial data interpretation, with a unique graphic style grounded in her artistic practice.

Services are available in French or English.

The process associated with creating effective illustrations is unique and customized to each project.


Illustration work can be a combination of digital (iPad drawing) or traditional media (pen and ink on paper, painting, pencil...).


Live sketching and recording services can be provided in person or online.

Find out more about the various steps involved in a project, and get an estimate of time and costs.


Deliverables are formatted to suit your project.

Possible formats include infographics, illustrated maps, or animated cartoons.


Final products are printed or digital, depending on the support (report, webpage, poster...)

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