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Traditional animation by Yukon Graphic Recording

Traditional animation is a technique in which each frame is drawn by hand. I use a combination of analog (pencil, ink, watercolor) and digital media to design original illustrations for each frame. Then I use a movie editing software to assemble the different frames and create an animated video. At the editing stage, I can add a voiceover or a soundtrack, as well as insert special effects such as transitions between frames. Some of my animated videos include short filmed sequences of inks in motion, which are integrated into the traditional animated framework.

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How much does it cost?

A rough base production cost is about 1000 CAD per minute of video. The production cost includes materials, initial sketches and storyboard, frames design, video editing and basic sound editing. The final production cost depends on a few different factors: complexity of the script, total length of the video, complexity and style of the illustrations, if a voice over has to be included and edited, if licensing rights have to be purchased for music, etc…


Usage fees are calculated separately from the production cost and vary depending on how, where and when the animations will be used. Usage fees are estimated based on various industry resources for graphic artists, including: "CARFAC-RAAV minimum recommended fee schedule" (, "the Graphic Artists Guild Handbook, 16th Edition: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines".


How long does it take?

Creating one minute of animated video can take between 10 to 20 hours depending on the complexity of the design. In addition, I take into account the time necessary for the client and team to review the work and provide feedback at different stages of the workflow. Each step could take up to 2 to 3 weeks. A simple project for a 30 seconds video can be completed within 3 weeks, while a more complex project involving multiple partners and several minutes of animated material may require several months.


What's a typical workflow?

  1. Initial discussion to define the scope and content of the animated videos

  2. Script writing (usually provided by client)

  3. Designing the storyboard and adjusting/refining the script if needed

  4. Designing initial sketches

  5. Illustrating the different frames

  6. Assembling the illustrated frames - rough video editing

  7. Recording the soundtrack

  8. Final video editing including voiceover and sound effects


What about copyright and usage?

In a typical work agreement, clients will be granted non-exclusive, permanent, worldwide rights to use the animations and fixed images extracted from the videos for non-commercial purposes. In practice, this means you will be able to share the videos and images in a wide range of contexts: social media, websites, presentations, newsletters, etc. On my end, I will have the ability to share the videos and images for self-promotional purpose, on my website or social media platforms.


Should a credit be included along with the final video?

Yukon Graphic Recording should be credited appropriately wherever the videos or fixed images extracted from the videos are used. The work agreement will specify how to write down the credits.

IncubateNorth Storyboard



Waste management in the City of Whitehorse


The City of Whitehorse commissioned three animated videos to illustrate the rather complex process of waste sorting. The series of educative videos aim at explaining the different streams of waste, how to sort them, and how they can be managed at the individual level.

See the animations here.


To feel well, I... (2021-2022)

Yukon Health and Social Services released a campaign to celebrate the simple things that Yukoners do to take care of their mental health.


Six Yukoners shared a story about what they do to feel well. Their voices and stories are illustrated in the form of 6 short animations. The animations combine traditional ink media and digital motion illustrations.

See the animations here.


Check out the campaign page and all animations here:

Yukon First Nation Grads Awards Animation (2021)

Celebrating 2021 YFN grads and their achievements with a cheerful video in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions. The project was commissioned by the Yukon First Nations Graduation Society.

Several professionals were involved in the making of this video:

Luke Campbell - narration
Yukon Graphic Recording - illustrations
Alexandra Knowles - video editing
GBP Creative - audio recording
Lara Bode & Jasmine Doll Designs - 2021 YFN Grad logo

IncubateNorth program (2020)

A short promotional animation for IncubateNorth, YukonU's business incubation program supporting Yukon entrepreneurs.


A project commissioned by Northern Innovation and Entrepreneurship, YukonU

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