Yukon Climate Change Adaptation Forum (March 2021)

A 2,5 days online workshop facilitated from Whitehorse, Yukon. The workshop's objective was to establish a conversation space between panelists and participants, young or old, new or experienced, junior or senior, to share wisdom, experience and knowledge with respect to the very present and urgent issue of climate change in the territory. Participants discussed what resilience, and more specifically Yukon resilence, meant to them in a 2021 context.

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The Yukon’s Virtual Climate Change Adaptation Forum was a collaboration between the Council of Yukon First Nations, Yukon University, the Assembly of First Nations -Yukon Region, and the Government of Yukon.

Project format: live graphic recording on wall/paper, filmed during an online Zoom event. Snapshots of each panels were made available to the participants through the event website immediately at the end of each session.

Action shot graphic recording

Southern Lakes community-based salmon planning (2020)

A  sociological, cultural, and scientific conversation between three Yukon First Nations regarding management of a precious resource, the Yukon River Chinook Salmon.

A project led by Dennis Zimmermann.

Project format: outdoor, in-person graphic recording. Large paper sheets setup on easel as no large walls were available.


Live Resume - A visual summary of life achievements (2020)

Project format: remote/live graphic recording over the phone. Scripting and sketching done on 11x17 sheets. Phone captures of individual panels were taken during the 2 hours session so that the client could have a visual follow up of the conversation. After the meeting ended, each sheet was scanned, formatted and emailed to the client.


Catch and release culture and practices in the Yukon (2019)

A multi-faceted, complex issue, constrained by cultural, sociological, scientific and regulatory factors.

A research project by Dennis Zimmerman.

Project format: in person graphic recording, capturing notes on a while paper roll on the wall.